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Data science and artificial intelligence influence various aspects of society- from grocery shopping to commuting on public transport; everything is evolving since the integration of data science and AI.Milieu is a leading company ..

Full Stack

With our full-stack project capabilities, Milieu offers end-to-end development expertise, covering both front-end and back-end technologies. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless integration and optimal performance across all layers of your project.


As a trusted partner, Milieu excels in implementing and customizing Sales Force solutions. We empower businesses with efficient customer relationship management (CRM) tools, enabling enhanced sales processes, streamlined workflows, and improved customer experiences.

About Us

“Aiding both individuals and entrepreneurs with IT solutions.”

Milieu Global was founded by internationally certified experts who have an extensive rich experience in the IT industry with renowned enterprises.

We are a diverse team determined to provide comprehensive, curated solutions, including IT resource staffing, corporate training, IT projects execution, undertaking IT audits, technology support services, as well as digitizing business processes and transforming data into business insights.

Our Values

Our Mission

At Milieu we believe that everyone whom we come across are all inclusive by multiplying human potential to “Delivery - Promise”. At Milieu, every action or effort shall direct to deliver maximum value and satisfaction to our Customers. Milieu strives to bring joy and spread happiness at workplace by building trust, sense of togetherness and transparency.

Our Vision

We want to be the most trusted IT Service Providers across the Globe

Why Choose Us

For Excellent Performance, We Focus on AI

Milieu Global provides comprehensive IT solutions to both enterprises and passionate seekers, who will one day establish standards in industry. As the number of software tools used in organizations continues to grow, Milieu is assisting businesses with AI solutions , educating their workforce, conducting IT workshops to determine the dependability of these systems and more.

12/7 Support Team

+91 91184 44446

12 / 7  Support Team

+91 91184 44446


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