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Are you looking to start a career in Full Stack development or enhance your existing skills? Milieu is here to help you in this Voyage. This Job Guarantee Program will help you become a data science professional who is industry-ready.

  • 4 Months training with capstone Projects.
  • Hands on Internship
  • Classroom /Online Training

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What does a Java Full Stack Developer do?

A Java Full Stack Developer is an individual contributor who does the work of many professionals. They develop websites and applications.

  • Design back-end architecture using multiple technologies.
  • Build front-end technologies to create user interfaces.
  • Build flexible applications and websites as per client and end user preferences.
  • Create an API based on the application.
  • Create strong databases and servers that can work without any disruption.
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Why Full stack

Full stack java is a high demand vertical of IT industry, learning this will help you to become an expert in cutting edge technologies and frameworks in rush roads of IT. Along with that you can have a wide range of opportunities as you can work in both Front-end & Back-end, so that you can become a versatile Developer.

Certified Full Stack Java course will enhance your knowledge on programming and helps you to get a better knowledge on Development stands in IT industry.

Why Full Stack at MILIEU

Milieu will deliver the Best Full Stack Development Course in Hyderabad and help to transform your career in a different spectrum. Learn the frameworks,

Milieu designed this program to provide a comprehensive training in Java Full Stack development, covering everything from front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to back-end frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate.

Trainers from MILIEU are experienced industry professionals with years of experience in software development, and they bring their real-world experience into the classroom to give you practical and relevant training.

  • 200+ hours of intense practical training
  • Specialized training programs for non-IT professionals
  • Flexible online and offline/classroom trainings
  • 30+ Industry experts from Fortune 500 companies
  • Life time Learning Management System(LMS) accessibility 
  • One to One Mentorship for free Technical assistance
  • Any time support by dedicated In-house Data Scientist Team
  • Free Data science Internship 
  • 40+ Business Derived Use-cases to learn, work and experiment
  • Hackathons, Quizzes
  • Industry Meetups and Conferences 
  • 100% Guaranteed Placement Assistance

Here are some of the key features of our Java Full Stack Training program:

  • Course structure is feasible for both IT/non-IT backgrounds
  • Best Curriculum design to catch the current industrial need
  • Hands-on experience with real time projects
  • Personalized Training & Mentorship from industrial experts.
  • Flexible Batches for Working Professionals & Students
  • 100+ hours of training
  • Affordable pricing
  • 100% Placement & Interview Support 

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Key highlights Java Full Stack Training program

A data science program from Millieu Global could offer instruction on advanced machine learning, practical big data experience, exposure to emerging fields, and collaboration with diverse teams.

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JAVA FULL STACK Course Curriculum

Fundamentals Of Programming

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Boot strap
  • Java script

Application Development using React JS

  • Intro to Reactjs
  • Working on ECMA Script6
  • Working on React js
  • State management using Redux

Application Development using Angular

  • Working with Type script
  • Building Blocks of Angular
  • Working with Directives
  • Template and Reactive web forms
  • Implementing single page application

Application Development with JAVA

  • Fundamentals of Java programming
  • Advanced java programming
  • JDBC, ORM & Hibernate
  • Spring core Framework
  • Spring restful services
  • Spring boot

Back end Development with Nodejs, Express js & Mango db

  • Fundamentals of java programming
  • Express js
  • Basics of Mango db
  • Mango db wth Node js


  • Cloud computing
  • Agile SLDC
  • Jenkins – Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Docker - Containerization
  • Kubernetes – Container Orchestration

What is the scope of Certified Data Scientists in India?

The scope of certified data scientists in India is vast and promising. With the growing demand for data-driven insights across industries, certified data scientists can work in various sectors such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, and telecom. They can hold positions as data analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI developers, or work as freelancers or consultants. Certified data scientists can expect to have a lucrative career with high earning potential and good growth opportunities. The demand for skilled data professionals in India is on the rise, and it is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Therefore, pursuing certification in data science can be an excellent career move for those looking to enter or advance in the field.

– Business Intelligence Developer
– Enterprise Architect
– Data Scientist
– Data Architect

– Applications Architect
– Data Analyst
– Industry Architect
– Data Engineer

mILIEU Career services

Millieu can be a valuable resource for candidates who have been trained in data science and are looking for career opportunities in this field. Through job matching, resume review, interview preparation, networking, and career coaching services, Millieu can help candidates find and secure the right job in data science

Career Coaching

Millieu provides candidate with career coaching services, including guidance on job search strategies, salary negotiation, and professional development. This can help candidates navigate the job market and achieve their career goals.

Interview Skills

Millieu provides candidate with interview preparation assistance. This includes coaching on how to answer technical and non - technical  interview skills like Group discussions, Just a Minute, Presentations etc., experience in the best possible way.

Resume Review

Millieu reviews candidate's resume to make sure they are properly showcasing their skills and experience in data science. This can help candidates stand out to potential employers.


Millieu helps candidate expand their professional network and connect with potential employers in the data science industry. This can include introductions to recruiters and hiring managers, as well as participation in industry events and networking opportunities.

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frequently asked questions (faq's)

What are the prerequisites for a full stack development course?

There are no specific prerequisites for Full Stack training in Hyderabad. If you are familiar with programming and foundation skills with a sense of curiosity and willingness to learn you are all set for the Full Stack course.

What is the duration of Full Stack Development Course?

The course duration will be 120 hours

What is the Course curriculum?

Please find the curriculum for full stack development program in course content section

Will you guide students to get a job?

Definitely, 100% placement assistance will be provided by Milieu.

What are the Roles I will be eligible for after this course.

Our full stack development will help you become a Full Stack Developer, Back end developer, React Developer, Front End Developer or a SDE in the Industry.

Will there be a Doubts solving session?

Our Expert faculty and mentors are available round the clock for any doubts and queries. Also there will be a dedicated session which will be conducted on a daily basis for instant resolution of doubts.

Do we need to be a computer graduate to enroll in this course?

Any degree  is eligible for the course all you need is passion and determination towards the course.(Preferably Computer Science background)

What if I got a job from external sources other than Milieu?

Milieu is always determined to place the candidates who are well versed with the course. Even if you got any offer from other sources, you can happily take the offer and continue the course until certification is issued.

What is the average salary for a Data Scientist?

The skill set of Data Scientists will determine the salary. According to recent reports, Data Scientists make 6LPA as a beginner.

Is there a prerequisite to take the Data Science course?

Data Science is not something that one needs to be an expert in. To get started, you need to be a graduate, enthusiastic to learn and it is preferable to have basic understanding of programming.

What are the job opportunities in Data Science Technology?

Data has become an ever-present part of the world. Businesses need people who can work with data to ensure that their business processes are efficient. Companies are willing to hire and pay top dollar for the right people to help them leverage their business.
These are some of these roles that you might find in Data Science

  • Research Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Big Data Analytics Specialist
  • Manager / Business Analyst
  • Data analyst

What are the major companies hiring Data Science professionals in INDIA?

  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Walmart
  • Google
  • Capgemini
  • Virtusa
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Atos

Is Placement guaranteed if I take Data Science Course in MILIEU?

We offer 100% placement assistance, including capstone projects and hands-on training. Milieu provides Mock interviews, hackathons, internships and many more to help you gain more knowledge in exploring many job options.

What are the prerequisites for a data science course?

The prerequisites for a data science course vary depending on the level and nature of the course. However, many data science courses require a basic understanding of programming, statistics, and linear algebra.

Who provides certification and How long is it valid ?

Milieu provides the certification after successful completion of Data Science Course and the Certificate has Lifetime Validity. 

What are the benefits of taking a data science course?

Some benefits of taking a data science course helps in gaining the skills and knowledge to work in the field of Data Science. This improves job prospects, and increases the earning potential. Additionally, data science courses can be beneficial for professionals looking to upskill and stay current with new technologies.

Which industries are likely to hire Data scientists ?

Telecommunication, Automotive, Digital Marketing, Professional services, Healthcare, Retail business and Cyber securities are some industries that hires Data Scientists.

What is the work of Data Scientist ?

Data scientists analyze data and extract the insights to improve business operations. They use statistics, machine learning, and programming skills to transform Data into Information.